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For harvesting, the olives must be at the peak of ripeness and free of defects
Virgin olive oil is the only food whose organoleptic characteristics are stipulated under Community regulations. Virgin olive oils are characterised by the intensity of their different positive attributes.

Attaining the extra virgin classification implies strict compliance with a number of requisites that start in the grove with the olive trees and the harvesting and processing of the olives.

The olives must be harvested at the peak of ripeness; they must be of good quality, unblemished and free of defects, and the whole preparation and extraction process must be carried out under the appropriate conditions. The control of all these factors makes extra virgin olive oil an exceptional oil in terms of composition, appearance, fragrance and flavour, all of which make it a unique food.

The tasting of virgin olive oil is performed under standard conditions stipulated by Community regulations.

Evaluation of the organoleptic qualities (flavour and aroma) of virgin olive oils is done by a group of olive oil experts who comprise the tasting panel. The tasters concentrate on the aroma and flavour of the oil.