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In cookery, virgin olive oil offers infinite possibilities as it is ideal because of its flavour, aroma and texture
Virgin olive oil is a sign of identity of Catalan gastronomy.

gastronomy and health
As olive oil is the natural juice of the olive, it holds the very essence of the fruit's organoleptic properties, which makes it unique. Likewise, its culinary value is far superior to that of any other oil, and its use in preparing, dressing, cooking or frying different dishes is unbeatable, gastronomically speaking.

In cookery, virgin olive oil offers infinite possibilities. Ideal because of its flavour, aroma, colour and texture, it blends in perfectly with all kinds of quality culinary preparations, from the simplest, traditional dishes to the most elaborate, sophisticated and innovative recipes. In fact, many top chefs are currently experimenting with new recipes in which extra virgin olive oil is the main ingredient, or even the only ingredient, in the dish. It is also one of the essential ingredients in the healthy, well-known Mediterranean diet.

Its privileged composition, rich in oleic acid, vitamin E and various antioxidant compounds, makes it beneficial for the health, an effect borne out by numerous scientific studies showing that regular, daily consumption of virgin olive oil helps to prevent and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, among others.