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Associació Alt Empordà Desenvolupament:
Carrer Nou 48, 2n - 17600 Figueres
Tel. 972 514 096 - Fax: 972 674 824
PDO Oli de l'Empordà
These varieties yield extra limpid, transparent virgin olive oils with no misting or cloudiness if they are marketed filtered.

They are very pleasing to the palate, flavoursome and aromatic: slightly astringent with a bitterness and piquancy in balance with the fruity notes, and a remarkable aromatic complexity reminiscent of almond, tomato, anise, fennel and artichoke.
Olive variety
At least 80% of the varieties Argudell, Corivell, Verdal (Llei de Cadaqués) and Arbequina, separately or combined, and a maximum of 20% for other local varieties.
Production area
The municipalities comprising the geographical territory lie within the districts of Alt Empordà and Baix Empordà, while some border on districts in the Gironès region (Viladasens, Sant Jordi Desvalls, Flaçà, Madremanya and Llagostera) and Pla de l'Estany (Crespià, Esponellà i Vilademuls).
Oil mills, packaging and marketing


Celler Cooperatiu d’Espolla, SCCL
Ctra. de Capmany a Roses, s/n
17753 Espolla
Tel.: 972 563 178

Empordàlia, SCCL
Ctra. de Roses, s/n
17494 Pau
Tel.: 972 530 140
Fax: 972 530 528

María Mercedes Rovira Perxes
Pl. de l'Església, 17
17480 Roses
Tel.: 972 255 344

Or de l'Albera, SL
C. del Cementiri, s/n
17707 Agullana
Tel.: 669 472 797

Pere Ylla Llombart
C/ Espolla, 22
17761 Cabanes
Tel. / Fax: 972 505 980

Rodau, S.L.
Mas La Bomba
Ctra. C-31 de Figueres a la Bisbal, km 375
17474 Torroella de Fluvià
Tel./Fax: 972 550 531

Xavier Maset Isach
Paratge Pedreguers
17780 Garriguella
Tel.: 972 505 455



Can Solivera, SL
Camí de Fitor, s/n
17112 Forallac
Tel.: 972 634 096

Mas Auro
(Enrique Murio Eguiguren)
Veïnat Batllori, 7
17832 Esponellà
Tel.: 972 597 144

Oli Serraferran
(Serra Sala, SCP)
C. de la Bassa, s/n
17473 Ventalló
Tel.: 972 793 076